About TTS

As an art major in college, I was able to take a class in welding. It was an Oxy/acetylene welding and I loved it! It was powerful but not practical from my apartment. Without a workspace to continue, my welding career ended with the semester. I was not able to weld again until I retired!

I have a garage and plenty of time. I bought a MIG welder, found a great professional welder, Steve James, to teach me and life changed.

One day Steve was teaching me the basics about tacking. He pulled out this gadget, attached it to the torch and without a helmet he started to tack. When I inquired as to where I can get one, he informed me that I couldn’t, but he would make me one. It was his handywork.

The next day, I asked Steve if I could try for a patent and partner with him. It took 3 years, but we did it. The next phase was making prototypes along with lots of testing. After 7 prototypes, the perfect tacking shield, “The Tack Shield” was born.